Sen. Bob Casey, Pennsylvanians, and Enviro Groups Advocate for 100% Clean Electricity

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Online Forum with 200 Attendees Shows Broad Support for a Federal Clean Electricity Standard


PHILADELPHIA — Almost 200 Pennsylvanians joined U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, PennEnvironment, Vote Solar, NRDC, and the Philadelphia Solar Energy Association for a virtual conversation to discuss the necessity of tackling the climate crisis and moving to a clean energy future. The discussion focused on how a federal 100% Clean Electricity Standard and other bold climate policy could help accelerate that transition and benefit the Commonwealth and country.

A recording of the panel is available on PennEnvironment’s Facebook page.

As huge swaths of the nation deal with wildfires, hurricanes, excessive heat, and flooding, a growing number of Pennsylvanians are seeking solutions to tackle the climate crisis. Senator Casey stressed the need for urgent action, including a 100% clean electricity standard. The forum attendees and speakers committed to continue working together to fight climate change, champion clean energy, and ensure a livable climate for future generations of Pennsylvanians.

Senator Casey and all of the participating groups discussed how a 100% Clean Electricity Standard would help tackle climate change, clean up our air and water, protect our health, bring new clean energy jobs to Pennsylvania, and reduce energy bills for households across the Commonwealth. 

“Climate change is real and a threat to human life. It is past time to take action. By making bold investments in renewable energy technologies that will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, we will not only tackle the climate crisis, but will improve the health of our communities and create thousands of good-paying jobs. We can and we must do both,” said Senator Bob Casey. “I am grateful for the work and leadership of PennEnvironment, Vote Solar, NRDC, and the Philadelphia Solar Energy Association in bringing together Pennsylvanians to fight climate change and to protect the health of our communities across the Commonwealth. I look forward to working with them to address the climate crisis and make Pennsylvania a healthier place to live.”

“It is clear that climate change is the existential crisis of our lifetime. We must start implementing policy solutions immediately that can help stall global warming.” said Flora Cardoni, PennEnvironment’s Field Director. “At this critical moment, Pennsylvanians are fortunate to have Senator Casey fighting in D.C. for a future powered by clean, renewable energy and the other climate solutions that we all need and deserve.”

“It’s heartening to see such enthusiastic public support for bold climate action, including a federal 100% clean electricity standard,” said Odette Mucha, Vote Solar’s Regulatory Director for the Mid-Atlantic. “It’s clear that Pennsylvanians are ready for the clean energy economy to bring more jobs to the Commonwealth, and we appreciate Senator Casey being a dedicated champion of this ambitious and critical policy.”

“Renewable Portfolio Standards, in place in a majority of states, have proven to be one of the most effective ways to increase clean energy on the grid and create good paying jobs in the process,” added Liz Robinson, Executive Director of PSEA.

“The power sector has the potential to deliver much of the solution to the climate crisis if we can clean the grid and electrify the sources of emissions. Over the past decade, electric utilities – with policy maker, consumer, and business support – have successfully cut carbon dioxide emissions by more than 25%,” said Sam Krasnow, Senior Advocate for NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council). “With the right policies, Congress can accelerate these reductions, create new clean energy jobs, and protect consumers from high utility costs and climate damages.”


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