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Missed School: Another Cost of Climate Change

A new symptom of climate change to add to the list: school closures and early dismissals. During the unseasonal late summer heat, which is becoming increasingly more common, schools across the state implemented early dismissals, more than 80 schools in just Philadelphia alone.

Extreme heat also makes it harder for children to learn. While installing air conditioning can reverse the impacts of this heat, it’s expensive and is just a stopgap against the increasing impacts of climate change. Children are more vulnerable to the extreme heat and poor air quality associated with climate change. According to the CDC, asthma-related emergency department visits were 17% higher than expected during the wildlife smoke this summer. 

Climate change has brought more extreme weather and heat, dangerous air quality, more frequent and severe downpours and flash flooding and many other negative effects that are already plaguing our communities. The impacts of climate change will only get worse without real action. 

The science is clear – we need to transition Pennsylvania and the nation to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2050 to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. PennEnvironment is working to pass such legislation at the state level. To bring that goal closer into sight, PennEnvironment is also working to help citizens make use of the benefits from the Inflation Reduction Act, improve energy efficiency standards in the state, and help communities invest in solar energy.

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